Maxxwell Production is  a professional service company, operates in the United States and Canada territories, and providing "classical" hydro-slotting perforation (HSP) - reasonably efficient technology for produce influx in the newly drilled and old low-producing oil and gas wells. Maxxwell Production works directly with oil and gas operators and services companies.

HSP technology refers to basic methods of initial opening casing, cement and productive formation (as some kinds of drilling, gun perforation, cumulative perforation, abrasive jet’s-point perforation, and some types of slotting perforations), and not refers to stimulation (optional) methods (as acoustic, acid, air, cavitation, chemical, electrical, frequency, gas, hydraulic, laser, magnetic, plasma, pneumatic, pulse, resonance, shock, steam, stress (overstress), temperature, thermal, ultrasonic, vacuum, vibration, wave etc.). Efficacy and duration of any known stimulation (optional) methods are depending on the size of opened surface area in the steel casing and cement. None of the currently known stimulation methods cannot overcome this barrier to fully affect the productive formation behind the casing (if hole in the casing is small, the effect is short and small too). Stimulation (optional) methods cannot work by itself without opening methods.


HSP tool/equipment forms multiple lateral extension deep slots along the wellbore through the casing and cement into the productive formation. Slots are created by rectilinear and constant movement of abrasive cutting jets along the wellbore without moving tubing. All other known methods of abrasive perforation used mixture of sand and water not capable to make a deep continuation slots. Abrasive jets (or point) perforation, for example, just can make a hole depth of 1 foot, and no more. Only upon application of a rectilinear translational motion to abrasive jets is possible get a deep continuation slots. The extended slots cannot be created due moving tubing from the surface, tool movement must be created only directly in the cutting zone within wellbore. Hydro-slotting perforation is possible to use in vertical and horizontal wells, oil, gas, injections and hydro-geological wells, newly drilled and old wells, sandstones, carbonates, shale and any formations.


Maxxwell Production operates by own slotting perforation HSP tool/equipment, developed and produced by own design, according to own patents, confirmed and protected by United States and Canada Patent and Trademark Offices.


Since the beginning of 2015 Maxxwell Production designed and built special HSP perforation tool/equipment for horizontal wells.


Purpose of HSP technology:


  • opening a large casing’s area and creation of a large drainage penetration’s zone in the productive formation (for good hydrodynamic connection well with the productive formation).

  • unloading annular compressive stress in the near wellbore zone (for increases of permeability and porosity, and accordingly increasing the productive inflow. Hydro-slotting perforation is the only method, supposed to unload annular compressive stress conditions around the wellbore.

­According to statistics and working practice with  low-producing wells, productive inflow after completion/recompletion with the use of HSP guaranteed  increases from 0-5 bbl./day up to 25-35 bbl./day and more with lasting effect 10-15 years.